Helping the children who need it the most – the child care charity of the Methodist Church

Ever since NCH was founded in 1869 by Methodist Minister Revd Dr Thomas Bowman Stephenson, the link between the charity and the Methodist Church has always been strong. Today, we still work together to support vulnerable children and young people and campaign on their behalf for social justice.

Who we are

NCH is the children’s charity.

What we believe

We believe that all children and young people have unique potential and should have the support and opportunities they need to reach that potential.

What we do

Through our projects we make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and families who are facing difficulties and challenges.

Where we work

NCH works in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and is the United Kingdom’s largest children’s charity. We have more projects and work with more children and young people than any other charity.

How we do it

NCH works in partnership to develop services in response to the needs of local people.

Why we do it

Because we believe that every child should have the chance to live their life to the full. We have been working to make this vision a reality for over 135 years.

Who we work with

We work with some of the most vulnerable and excluded children and young people in United Kingdom.

How you can help

By supporting the work of NCH in your area

Our Projects

NCH runs more than 480 projects for vulnerable children, young people and their families, which help more than 98,000 people.

These figures include over 50 projects that NCH Scotland runs to help more than 5000 people, over 55 projects that NCH Cymru runs to help more than 12000 people and the increasing presence of NCH Northern Ireland which opened in October 2000.

The Services we run

NCH improves the lives of the UK’s most venerable children and young people by offering them diverse, innovative and responsive services and by campaigning for change.

Our projects are varied because they are developed in response to local needs. They fall into three broad categories.

For children at risk we provide:

  • family centres that specialise in helping families where there is a child protection concern
  • sexual abuse treatment centres
  • residential, foster care and adoption services for children in care
  • schools for children with special educational needs

For families in need of support we provide:

  • neighbourhood family and community centres
  • short break projects that support disabled children and their families
  • young carers projects
  • child-focused mediation for divorcing and separating parents
  • Early Years services including Sure Start

For vulnerable young people we provide:

  • leaving care services
  • youth justice projects
  • youth homelessness projects
  • projects that prevent school exclusions and truancy

NCH is currently the largest national provider of services to disabled children and their families, of neighbourhood and family community centres and of services for young people leaving care.

We run many other services aimed at helping children and young people to achieve their potential. The Government has pledged to end child poverty by 2020 and NCH works with more children in poverty than any other single agency.