Our Message

Dear Friends

I have recently returned from the Methodist Conference which this year was held in Blackpool. I feel it is a privilege to be asked to serve at Conference as it is the body which oversees all of Methodism.

We have a wonderful word in Methodism

Connexion (and yes that is spelt correctly). It is an expression of our interconnectedness with all of the other Methodist Churches both in the UK and around the world. We do not stand alone in this place, but rather we stand here as part of something much bigger, a church which encourages, enables, and supports us in our work. And Conference is the ultimate expression of Connexion, where representatives from across the country come together to share and to discuss all that is going on in our church.

During Conference we heard of some of the exciting things that are going on across the church and our communion service was led by a group from the “Somewhere Else” . We talked about the way that our church is organised, recognising that we need to restructure in the coming years. As part of this we heard some of the stories of places where churches and circuits are trying new ways of doing things, circuits working together in groups, or coming together completely to form super circuits.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Methodist Church, change is not always bad, indeed the best changes are those which take those things from our past which make us what we are, and communicates them in new and exciting ways. I hope and pray that we can play our part in this as we move with confidence into the 21st century.

God Bless.